Once the shine wears off things we tend to see the flaws that were hidden beneath it, or the moment we get used to something we start to find faults with it. This inborn trait in humans is what businesses target today, and use in their marketing strategies. They advertise their products in such an elaborate and extravagant, manner that we immediately fall prey to their tactics and increase their sales by running to the shops to by these products. So read on to find out the other side of online shopping, that will make you think twice about clicking the ‘buy now’ button.

The bad and the ugly

Nobody wants to buy a king size mattress without actually lying down on it to feel if its comfy or buying a hard bottomed sofa. The ladies especially are always worried about the exact fit and the quality of what they are buying. When it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories one of the biggest disadvantages is that you cannot try them on. You can’t see how it looks on you even though the item itself is beautiful. How many times have we come across that piece of clothing that looks so pretty but when we actually get down to wearing it doesn’t look that great on us. It’s the same dilemma with shoes, sometimes the size variation can be a problem and you can’t walk in the shoes and see if they feel comfortable when you slip them on.

If you have a question regarding a certain item you need to wait a minimum of 24 hours to have your query answered most of the time, for example you are browsing wooden bar stools and want to find out the exact measurements of the stools to know if they will fit into your kitchen. Because unlike an actual store there aren’t sale people hovering around you to help with what you need. This may be frustrating if it’s something you really like and by the time your question has been answered the item has sold out. Online fraud is a huge concern for many customers. They are hesitant to give away card and bank details in fear of their account being hacked. What if someone is privy to this information and can then use this to clean up their bank accounts. Because the internet is open to the public and anyone and everyone has access to it. So who is to guarantee that the information you are putting in will not be seen by another? This accounts for the fear that most non online shoppers have, and these people feel it is safe to walk into a store and pay for their goods in cash, in the old fashioned way.But despite these shortcomings the increasing number of online shoppers are proving that online shopping is here to stay.