Vaping has become a good solution to smokers who are trying to quit. It does not contain the harmful health effects of smoking. This is because there is no combustion and as a result no smoke produced in vaping. Vaping has become a social phenomenon and it has become widely popular. It also doesn’t carry with it the stigma that comes with smoking because of its healthier aspects.

There are vape kits Australia that you can buy if you’re a beginner. They are designed for novices in vaping and they will help you become accustomed to a healthier habit. If you’re an existing smoker, you can start vaping with a higher level of nicotine and then gradually lower it. This gradual decrease will help your body get accustomed to the changes over time. What is essentially turned into vapour is the e-liquid or e-juice. It contains nicotine, water, glycerine, propylene glycol and flavours. There are many different flavours that you can try.

There’s no tobacco in e-cigarettes. You can even have nicotine free e-cigarettes. There are certain terms that you need to familiarize yourself with. Vaping devices are called mods or e-cigarettes. The sizes of an e cigarette vary from large to portable varieties. A box mod has a lot of power as it has a large battery. It is called so because of its shape. They are durable and can give the user a strong flavour. It is idea for cloud chasers who are involved in the competitive sport of creative vaping. A cartomizer has a heating coil and a tank that contains the e-liquid. But it can’t be refilled because the cartridge contains artificial filler that makes it a device that can be used only once. However, there are ceramic cartomizers that can be refilled. Clearomizers are transparent so you can know how much e-liquid is in the tank. An atomizer coil or head maintains contact with the battery and the e-liquid. It is used to vapourize the liquid so it can be inhaled by the vaper.

You have to buy a proper atomizer so that you can get a great taste and also be able to produce large plumes. A drip tip can be considered an additional mouthpiece where you can inhale from. You can customize it according to your preferences. For example, a wider tip will give you more vapour while a narrow tip is favoured by those who love the flavour. You can plug most of the e-cigarettes directly into your wall to charge. There are e-cigarettes with automatic batteries as well that are preferred by first time users because of its resemblance to a cigarette.