Your living room is the place that someone first sees of your home. And most of the times it is the space where the family gets together and spend their time together. How to create this important place inviting, pleasant and cosy? There are several things that should be taken into consideration in order to do so.

Furnishing and Wall colours

When furnishing, try to minimize the number of pieces you incorporate in the room. Let there be a flow and enough space between each furniture and adequate openness around the entrance doors, the main door and the doors leading inside the house from the living room.

Sometimes, people inherit furniture from their parents and relatives. If you have such handed-down furniture and want to use them, take them as the theme of your living room. And try to match the wall colours and other details to these pieces of furniture. For example, if you have a Sofa of dark brown colour and a matching dark brown coffee table, your walls can be coloured with a hue of yellow like Mustard, Honey or Tuscany or to take more of a bold choice, you can choose a beautiful blue shade like Egyptian or Turquoise. If you are yet to purchase the furniture, match them to the colour you have chosen for the room. Yellow is always a good choice for the walls and white, beige and some hues of blue and green are few other great options.

Small details and Accessorizing

Decorating your living room should be done with the understanding of what you really want your room to look like. Use outdoor rugs with good designs and colours in your living room. So when people enter the living room with wet shoes or when something spill on them you can clean them without worrying much about harming the quality. Use crown moldings to give your room a touch of elegance and decorate the walls with paintings and beautiful clocks. Be creative and at the same time be practical.Try to add your personality into the designing. If your family loves calmness and formality, go for a more traditional look. And if you describe yourself as a fun loving, different soul, go for unconventional designs and do experiments. Mix up square tables and round rugs Melbourne in contrasting colours.

The right amount of light

Let your room be filled with day light. We all have come across living areas that scream they have not seen enough sunlight in a while. This can happen when there are not enough windows, when the front porch is too big so that the living room windows are far from the outside and also when people use very thick window curtains. There are several reasons like these and even if you cannot change the windows’ situation unless you are still in the process of building your home or fixing it, you can do something about the curtains. Also, see whether the trees surrounding the living room of the house are blocking the sunlight and try trimming them to solve it.

Inside the house, include a sufficient amount of light fixtures. With the right choice of light fixtures you can get rid of the lighting problems caused by the structural issues of the house. Take the instructions from professionals and use techniques to imitate the daylight with fixtures.It is your space; make it a place that reminds you of the comfort and beauty of your home. Do not be afraid to try different things. After a day of spending your separate moments, let your living room become the place that bring your family together.