The bond you hold with your best friend or your sister will always be dysfunctional. The moment you hear that she is pregnant and will be delivering a human being into the world will trigger the need for you to act like you have being handed the massive responsibility of taking her baby shopping, accompanying her to medical check-ups when her better half is unable to make it, most importantly to host a baby shower. Yes, those will be the major tasks that will be entrusted to you when she gets pregnant.

A surprise

We all know that when a girl gets pregnant there are too much of hormonal imbalances that would cause them to be moody. It would not be easy to organize a baby shower with your pregnant sister/friend as compared to their wedding. Therefore, making it a surprise for them would save you the trouble of all the moody changes and stressing for things to be perfect. It may be a little bit of a challenge if you must organize it all alone, therefore, getting some help from your mutual friends would not be such a bad idea.


The gift that you give will need to be extra special. Since you are the person who has being associating the mother and father close, the gift given by you would play a significant role to the parents as well as the unborn child. There are many gifts for 1 year old girl available in the market at present. From a personalized bib, to a blue or pink shaded stroller depending on the gender of the child. You will need to pay extra attention to the gifts that the guests are going to offer. If you know the gender of the baby, it is best to mention this to the guests who are to arrive.

This will avoid a situation of getting gifts that a suited for the opposite gender of the child. You will also need to keep a gift corner that can accommodate various gift items such as cool personalised towels, one piece, baby overalls, soft toys, rattles etc. these are essential items that can be highly beneficial to the parents.


You will need to decide on the refreshments that you want. For this you will need to consider the most convenient option for you. Whether you can get an outside cater to provide the refreshments, or if you or another friend could prepare the food at home. If you are to organize an external party, you will need to be extra cautious about the ingredients used in the products and the way they are preparing it especially since the baby shower is for your friend who is preparing for give birth to her child in a future date.